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Raw Material

Of excellence

Our olives, ripe at the right point, are harvested directly from the centuries-old trees by skilled and safe hands, never touching the ground. Once harvested, the olives are promptly transported to the mill, where they are carefully selected, defoliated and prepared for the production process.


Cleaning and milling

Before starting, the olives are carefully selected to ensure only the best fruits. Once ready, the olives are carefully washed to remove any surface impurities, thus preserving the authentic taste and nutritional properties of our oil.

After cleaning, the olives go through the milling process. We use state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to control every stage of the process, ensuring a uniform and homogeneous milling. This attention to detail is fundamental to obtain a high-quality oil, rich in aroma and with an unmistakable taste.


The heart of our production process, a fundamental phase. Here, the temperature of gramolazione and the duration of the process are carefully monitored, the temperature is constantly kept below 25°C to fully preserve the sensory and nutritional characteristics of the finished product.


The olive paste is skillfully worked to extract the precious EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). We use precision machinery that applies the right torsion. Finally, the centrifuge separates the oil from the water. This delicate process is carefully controlled to ensure the quality of the oil. The extraction phase is fundamental to obtain a high-quality oil, with a fruity taste and an almond aftertaste, which preserves all the beneficial properties of the EVOO.

At our oil mill, we are committed to keeping alive the ancient techniques, enriching them with the most modern technological innovations to offer our customers an authentic and genuine extra virgin olive oil.

Our vision

At our oil mill, quality is an indispensable commitment and we do not accept compromises. Over the years, we have consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery that guarantees the highest quality of our extra virgin olive oil. We are firmly convinced that every step of our production process must reflect the excellence and dedication that distinguish us, to offer our customers an authentic and high-quality product.

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